Four Days of Peace, Love, and Board Games!

13th Annual Geekway to the West - May 18-21, 2017
St. Charles Convention Center - St. Charles, Missouri

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Play and Win Games

If we learned one thing last year, it's that we didn't have enough games in our Play and Win room! We want to have even more games, and better ones this year!

How it Works

Play and Win games are checked out just like a library game. Due to demand, we will be changing the rules a bit for games to avoid groups 'sitting' on games that are not getting played and to make sure everyone gets a chance to play them. Detailed rules will be forthcoming, but basically, if you want to earn a chance to win a game you will need to check the game out, play it once, and return it. Games held for excessive periods of time will not earn Play and Win entries, and if games are not being played, they should be checked in (no checking out a stack of games at once and playing them in order, and you only get one entry per check out, no matter how many times you play the game.)

Each time you play a Play and Win game, write down the names of all players who participated in the game (including any teachers you may have had) on the provided cards. When you finish playing the game put the card in the labeled bucket for that game in the Play and Win area. Each card is one entry into the Play and Win Raffle, and for each copy of the game to give away we will pull one card and randomly choose one of the people on it to receive the game.

If you will not be around to pick up Play and Win games, you MUST give your badge to someone you trust for them to collect the games for you.