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  • Events should support 16+ attendees simultaneously
  • Geekway will provide room for your event
  • Events are on the schedule
  • Signups through Event Brite

Do you want to run an event at Geekway? We can help. Submit your event via the form below. If it is approved, we'll give you space, set up signups for you, and put you on the schedule!

Event submissions will open in January.

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What is an event?

Events are larger-scale games and tournaments. Anything that 16 or more people can sign up for and play are things that we support as an event. Some examples are Werewolf, Two Rooms and a Boom, Giant Catan, the Crokinole tournament, etc.


What scheduled things aren’t events?

Anything that you can do without needing to signup for first is not an official event even though it is on the schedule. An example is the Spiel-a-Thon, Fancy Gaming, or shopping at the Flea Market.


What about smaller events I want to run that only take a few players?

We do not put things like this into our schedule as an official event. If you want to run game demos, playest your new game, run a marathon gaming session for 4 people, or something along those lines you can! However, you’ll need to promote them yourself and find a spot to run them. Those aren’t the ypes of things we reserve rooms/tables for.