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Where can you help?

  • Setup and Teardown
  • Registration
  • Game Librarian
  • Play and Win Monitor

Geekway loves our Geek Guides! For 2018 we need Geek Guides for setup and teardown, Librarian shifts, and Play And Win monitors.

Are you registered for Geekway? If so, sign up for a Geek Guide Slot Soon!

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What do Geek Guides do?

Geek Guides make Geekway to the West as great as it is! We need your help to make sure that 3000 people have a great convention. If you have registered for Geekway, we hope you consider signing up for a couple of shifts as a Geek Guide!


Geek Guides receive a T-shirt, special door prize drawings, and other benefits. 



We setup our Library and Play and Win rooms on Wednesday night before the convention. If you’re in town, we’d love your help. This is a physically demanding position, including moving pallet jacks, setting up shelving, and hauling boxes of games.

On Sunday, we also need people to help us box up the library, break down shelves, and helpmove things back to the truck.



As a Registration Geek Guide, you will work in the Ticket Booth, giving people their badges and answering questions. Shifts are 2 hours long. If you want excitement, sign up for early shifts on Thursday and Friday!


Game Librarian

Librarian Geek Guides check games in and out with our computerized library system, help people find games to play, keep the shelves neat and tidy, and answer general questions.


Play and Win Monitor

Much like the librarian, the Play and Win Monitor helps out in the Play and Win room. Play and Win tends to be busier than the library, and also involves a more complicated check-in procedure, due to the Play and Win entries.