Geekway Board Meeting – August Written by Marshall Jansen on August 30, 2017

We had our first major board meeting for Geekway 2018. I thought you might like to know a few things!

First, we’ve got some initial designs for the T-shirt, it’s a Meeple/Fractal theme. We’re planning to carry the Meeple/Fractal design through a lot of things for 2018, including our 2018 Patron Coin.

Speaking of Patrons and Coins, we’ll have Patron badges on sale September 8th. We have 200 patron spots available, and every Patron will get a Challenge Coin, a T-shirt, and early access to our Embassy Suites room block, so they can book a room in the attached hotel. Standard attendee badges will go on sale in January.

Some design mockups…

We’re looking at making some changes to Play and Win to streamline and increase the fairness. Right now that means that we’ll have a computerized system for tracking your plays. We’re looking at limiting entries to one per person per checkout, and limit prizes to one per person. We’ll have some more discussions on this, but we hope to make Play and Win more fun, more fair, and most importantly less labor intensive for us!

Also, we confirmed Geekway Mini! This will be happening this winter, in early January. We’ll be doing a much smaller Geekway experience, back at Westport plaza. Think 400 people, no vendor hall, smaller library, that sort of thing. We’re still bashing about with a budget, but we’re hoping get it at $50 or less for three days. We’ll announce that once we’ve worked out a budget that makes sense.

Our board room, in the back of Game Nite

Other than that, there was a lot of discussion about budgets, the space, the hotel, guarantees on food/drink, guarantees on number of rooms, negotiating wifi, carpet, setup hours, etc. We also spoke a bit about Free Games… currently we’re reaching out to try to find some options that work for us.

Nine months to go… a little early to get excited, but for us this is when the work really starts.

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