Geekway Mini – What you need to know! Written by Marshall Jansen on December 19, 2017

Geekway Mini is coming soon. Did you get your ticket? If you’re one of the lucky ones, here’s what you want and need to know!

Badge Pickup
Geekway Mini will open for badge pickup no later than 10am on Friday, January 5th. You will be able to pick up your badge any time the library is open on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Geekway Mini officially opens at 10 am Friday, January 5th, and closes at 8pm Sunday, January 7th.

Our full library will be available from 10am Friday, January 5th until 3pm Sunday, January 7th.

Play and Win:
Play and Win will be open from 10am Friday, January 5th until midnight Saturday, January 6th. Play and Win games will be given away Sunday, January 7th.

Geek Guides
Badged attendees may sign up for Geek Guide shifts here: Use the password ‘mini’ to access tickets. Please do not register for Geek Guide shifts unless you have a badge for Mini!

Events will be attendee driven!

We do not have vendors for Geekway Mini

Door Prizes
We will have three door prize giveaways, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Your badge must be present to win!

Play and Win giveaways
These will be given out sometime around 2pm on Sunday. Your badge must be present to win!

Play and Win game list:
Viticulture, Euphoria, Scythe, Between Two Cities, Spirit Island, Fate of the Elder Gods, Exoplanets, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Pit Crew, Get the Cheese!, Fabled Fruit, Cottage Garden, Flamme Rouge, Diamonds, Brutal Kingdom, Word Slam, Dimension, Kerala, Skull King, Cover Your Assets, Elevenses, Doughnut Drive-Thru, Medici: The Card Game, Champion of Earth, Letter Tycoon, The Game of 49, The King’s Abbey, New York Slice, Macroscope, H.I.D.E., Five Seals of Magic, Coaster Park, Starfall, Machi Koro, Samara, Joraku, Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon, Ice Cool, Game of Trains, Azul, Photosynthesis, Kingsburg, Smile, Through the Desert, Dragonfire, Dungeon Draft, When I Dream, Alien Artifacts, and Master of Orion!

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