Geekway Mini Written by Marshall Jansen on September 21, 2017

Geekway Mini – January 5-7, 2018

A very limited number of Geekway Mini tickets will go sale on Friday, September 22 (yes, tomorrow). We have a total of 300 tickets available for sale. 200 of these will go sale at 10 AM. The final 100 will be released at 7 PM Fridayevening. You can register here, starting on Friday at 10 AM. Admission price is $50. For an additional $20, you can buy the Geekway Mini “Throwback Shirt.” Shirts will be available by preorder only – we will NOT have shirts for sale at the event. Additionally, we will not have ticket sales at the door.

Geekway Mini will be at Westport Plaza, in the same place as Geekway for several years prior to our move to St. Charles.

Geekway Mini is an experiment for us. We are intentionally keeping it small and very focused. We will have a smaller library, and while there will be giveaways, we won’t have nearly as many as at the main Geekway event in May. We plan to have some Play and Win games, and a few door prizes, but no guaranteed free game on registration. There will be very few events. The library will be mostly self-serve, and we are planning to try out our new Play and Win software and see how it works. It’s a chance for us to try a couple of new ideas, and honestly for the organizers to enjoy a weekend of gaming without the intensity of work that is needed for our main con.

We recognize that there will probably be more demand for the event than we have tickets. This is inevitable as we try something new this year and seek to grow in different directions. And if you miss out, please rest assured that we have plenty of space for everyone at Geekway 2018, where we will have room for about 3000 people!

So, if you are interested in coming, get your clickin’ fingers ready, and prepare to grab a ticket or two for Geekway Mini. We hope to see you in January.

Ladies’ t-shirt for Geekway Mini.
Men’s t-shirt for Geekway Mini.

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