Play and Win titles for 2018 Written by Marshall Jansen on April 23, 2018

We have determined our titles for Play and Win! As always, the list below is tentative, and is based on us being able to aquire all of the games. This list is subject to change all the way up to the beginning of Geekway 2018.


Game Copies Publisher
878 Vikings 7 Academy Games
Aeon’s End 7 Indie Boards Cards
Alien Artifacts 7 Portal Games
Azul 8 Plan B Games
BEEEES 7 Indie Boards Cards
Bin Fa 6 Taoist Arts Foundation
Black Orchestra 7 Game Salute
Bob Ross 7 Big G Creative
Bunny Kingdom 7 IELLO
Castles of Burgundy: Dice 7 Ravensburger
Century: Spice Road 7 Plan B Games
Circular Reasoning: The Well of Power 6 Breaking Games
Clank w/Mummies Curse 7 Renegade Games
Clans of Caledonia 7 Karma Games
Coal Baron: The Great Card Game 7 Stronghold
Codenames: Disney 7 USAopoly
Codenames: Marvel 7 USAopoly
Coldwater Crown 7 Bellwether Games
Colt Express 7 Asmodee
Cottage Garden 7 Stronghold
Cry Havoc 7 Portal Games
Custom Heroes 7 AEG
Cytosis 7 Geniius Games
Dance of the Fireflies 7 Ninja Division
Delve 7 Indie Boards Cards
Dice Forge 7 Asmodee
Downforce 7 Reestoration Games
Dragon Island 7 R&R Games
Drop It 6 Thames & Kosmos
Dungeon Roll 7 Tasty Minstrel
Empires of the Void II 7 Red Raven
Euphoria 7 Stonemaier
Ex Libris 7 Renegade Games
Fabled Fruit w/ Lime Expansion 7 Stronghold
Fate of the Elder Gods 6 Greater Than Games
Fields of Green 7 Stronghold
Five Seals of Magic 7 Mayday Games
Fog of Love 7 Hush Hush Projects
Fortress 7 Stronghold
Great Heartland Hauling Co., The 7 Greater Than Games
Gretchinz! 5 Devir Games
Groves 7 Letiman Games
Hardback 7 Fowers Games
Helios 7 Z-Man Games
Imhotep 7 Thames & Kosmos
Indian Summer 7 Stronghold
Indulgence 7 Restoration
Karuba: The Card Game 7 HABA
Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama 7 Indie Boards Cards
La Granja: No Siesta 7 Stronghold
Loot Island 7 Whats Your Game?
Machi Koro Bright Lights 7 IDW Games
Magic Maze 7 Dude Games
Majesty: For the Realm 7 Z-Man Games
Manhattan Project 2 7 Minion Games
Mini Rails 7 Moaideas Game Design
Nations: The Dice Game w/ Unrest 7 Stronghold
Near and Far 7 Red Raven
Networks, The 7 Formal Ferret
New York Slice 7 Bezier
Noria 7 Stronghold
NOT ALONE 7 Stronghold
Oracle of Delphi, The 7 Tasty Minstrel
Palace of Mad King Ludwig, The 7 Bezier
Pandemic Rising Tide 7 Z-Man Games
Photosynthesis 7 Blue Orange
Pit Crew 7 Stronghold
Pulsar 2849 7 Cxech Games
Quadropolis 7 Days of Wonder
Queendomino 7 Blue Orange
Quest for El Dorado 7 Ravensburger
Rajas of the Ganges 7 R&R Games
Rhino Hero Super Battle 7 HABA
Rise of Augustus 7 Asmodee
Rising Sun 7 Cool Mini or Not
Risk: Star Wars 7 Hasbro
Sagrada 2 Floodgate Games
Seikatsu 7 IDW Games
Sentient 7 Renegade Games
Sonar 7 Matagot
Sparkle*Kitty 6 Breaking Games
Spirit Island 6 Greater Than Games
Stop Thief 7 RestorationGames
Suspend 7 Melissa & Doug
Takenoko 7 Asmodee
Terraforming Mars 7 Stronghold
Grimm Forest, The 7 Druid City Games
This War of Mine: The Board Game 7 Galakta
Tiki Topple 7 Gamewright
Tokaido 5th Anniversary 7 Funforge
Topiary 7 Fever Games
Tortuga 1667 7 Facade
Valeria: Card Kingdom 7 Daily Magic
Vault Assault 7 Inside Up Games
Viticulture 7 Stonemaier
VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game 7 Greater Than Games
Wanted: Rich or Dead 7 Galakta
Wasteland Express Delivery Service 7 Pandasaurus
Werewords 7 Bezier
Whistle Stop 7 Bezier
Word Slam 7 Thames & Kosmos
Wordsy 7 Formal Ferret
Xenofera 7 Puff Duck
Yamatai 7 Days of Wonder

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