It is the policy of Geekway, LLC that any cash transactions at Geekway must follow these guidelines:

Selling of Games

You may sell games as a Vendor in the Vendor hall, by purchasing a vendor booth and badges.

You may also sell games at the ticketed Sunday Flea Market event.

You may not sell games at Geekway outside of the Vendor Hall or Flea Market event.

Trading of Games

Geekway does not limit the trading of games. Math trades, Trade tables, and hallway swaps are all perfectly acceptable. Many of these events scheduled on our calendar.

If you wish to sell non-game items, you may purchase a vendor booth and badges and sell in the Vendor Hall.

Selling non-games (arts, crafts, clothing)

We will also have an arts/crafts event where you can sell your items during an event on Saturday.

Geekway Mini does not allow the selling of any items, it is a Vendor-free zone.
Geekway Micro and Nano are game store events, and follow the rules of those venues.

These policies cover the gaming areas inside the Geekway venue, in all public areas of both the convention center and hotel. (edited)