Geekway has several types of giveaways that we do throughout the con. Here’s what you may want to know about how all of them work!

A caveat: Geekway Prize Rules are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. We retain the right to make last minute changes to the way things work, make mistakes, or otherwise somehow vary from these rules!

1. Early Bird Giveaways: Early bird prizes are completely random and arbitrary, and we (the organizers) can handle them however we’d like at our complete whim and discretion, including skipping them altogether if we sleep in.

2. Door prizes: Geekway attendees are entered to win door prizes as their badge tabs are deposited in the roller drum, when they pick up their badge. Each attendee may only win one door prize. This does not affect eligibility for other giveaways such as Play-and-Win. Drawings will occur each day at announcements. Prize winners will be announced over the PA system. Prize winners need not be present at the drawing to win; prizes can be claimed later at Geekway HQ, or at the Play & Win game distribution on Sunday. The winner’s badge must be shown to claim the prize. Prize winners who do not claim their game will be posted at Geekway HQ, and online via social media outlets. Any prizes not picked up by close of Play & Win game distribution on Sunday will be forfeited. Door prizes will not be shipped. Door prizes are final–no trades with Geekway. If you receive a door prize you don’t want, you are welcome to give it to, or trade it with, someone who does!

3. Play and Win: Please see the Play and Win page for the latest rules.