The Fantasy Shop

The Fantasy Shop

Fantasy Shop has been serving St. Louis for over 30 years! In addition to vending at our convention, Fantasy Shop hosts bi-monthly game days run by Geekway Board member Mark Finefield. They also let us take over their gaming space to do ‘Punch and Play’, the da

Fantasy Shop: where Fanboys and Fangirls go for the latest Comics, Games, Collectibles and Memorabilia!

So you like Fantasy? Science Fiction? Superheroes and the Supernatural? Tabletop Games and Model Builds? Clinging fondly to memories or your favorite childhood action heroes, TV shows and movies? That’s great… Because we are, too!!!

At Fantasy Shop, we’re featuring the latest in great comics, games, and collectibles. If there’s a buzz about it, you can expect that we are knee deep in it and the FIRST to get it, in store. With a legacy of over 30 years serving St. Louis and a staff passionate about fandom as much as you are, we’ll either have what you’re looking for or help you get it. That’s right- if you’ve got the rupees, the gil, the galleons or the goldpieces, we’ll get it!

Fantasy Shop isn’t just about keeping up with the classics or staying ahead of the buzz, it’s a place for fellow fans to meet and share their passions. We are the heart of St. Louis’ comic book scene. Come play a few hands of Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons and your other favorite board games. There is always an open spot at our table to teach a newb or for an expert to showcase their skills.